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General Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What concession cards do you accept?

A. We accept the following concession cards on the criteria that they have a valid expiry date and that the card is shown upon each casual visit to the centre: Health Care card, Pensioner card, Student card, Seniors card, and New South Wales card. Unfortunately, we do not accept Fitness Passports or International Student Visa cards.

Q. I purchased a 20-visit pass under the previous management of Auburn Aquatic Centre. Can I still redeem the rest of my swimming visits?

A. Yes, you can. You will need to see reception so we can convert the pass into a new one.

Q. Do you have a café?

A. Not currently, however, there are plans to open a café in the future. We do offer a small range of refreshments at reception. 

Q. Do you have a gym only membership?

A. No, instead we offer a centre membership for $19.50 per week which includes unlimited access to pools, the gym and fitness classes. 

Q. What is the payment method for memberships and are there alternate ways to pay? 

A. Memberships are direct debited weekly only

Q. What if I decide to go on holidays?

A. We can suspend your membership for a small fee of just $5 per week per member. We require a minimum of 7 days’ notice and a suspension form must be filled out at reception. Please be aware there is a maximum of 6 weeks suspension per year.

Q. How much notice do I need to give if I am cancelling my membership and are there any associated costs?

A. We require 30 days written notice for any cancellations. You must come into the centre to fill in a cancellation form. The cancellation forms are available for request at reception. There are no associated costs for cancellation. If your cancellation is due to a medical emergency or of a similar nature, please contact management with the details to discuss your options.

Q. What are the pool temperatures?

A. All pools are in line with the Cumberland Council requirements. 

  • Outdoor 50m pool: 27.5 
  • Outdoor water polo pool: 27.5
  • Program pool: 33
  • Leisure pool: 27.5
  • Indoor 25m pool: 27.5

Q. What are you conditions of entry to the pool (what to wear)?

A. We only allow the following attire in our pools:

  • Only recognised swim wear, made from lycra and nylon is to be worn in the water.
  • Only recognised waterproof nappies are to be worn in the water for infant
  • Articles of clothing such as street wear, underwear, cut-off jeans, t-shirts, bike pants, leotards, casual wear are strictly prohibited.

Q. Can we use the program pool for recreational swimming? 

A. No, the program pool is used for swimming lessons, warm aqua and organised programs. 

Q. Are there lockers available to hire?

A. We have lockers in the change rooms available to hire for $2.

Q. I have a multi visit pass, can my friends or family also use it? 

A. No, only one person per visit pass.