Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to pay as the parent bringing my child to lessons?

A. No, on the day of your child’s lesson up to two parents can accompany the child free of charge.

Q. What about on non-lesson days?

A. Yes, the Swimming and Water Safety membership includes free aquatic access all year round for the child enrolled. As an accompanying parent on a non-lesson day you must pay either a $3.80 spectator fee or a $6.50 casual adult entry fee if you are also swimming. If your child is under the age 4 only one parent can accompany the child free of charge on a non-lesson day because as the parent you are required to be within arms reach of your child at all times so you must accompany them in the water.

Q. What if I am an adult enrolled into swimming lessons?

A. As an adult enrolled into a swimming lesson you get all the same benefits as a child enrolled into swimming lessons, which includes free aquatic access all year round.

Q. Can I pay upfront for a term of lessons?

A. No, our Swimming and Water Safety lessons run for 48 weeks a year and are on a direct debit basis only.

Q. What if we go away on holidays?

A. We can suspend your membership for a small fee of just $5 per week per member to hold your spot in the class. For any holidays or scheduled breaks, we require a minimum of 7 days notice and a suspension form must be filled out at reception. Please be aware there is a maximum of 6 weeks suspension per year.

During the 4 weeks of summer holidays where we do not run lessons you have the option to either apply a free suspension to your membership (please note you cannot access the facility free of charge during this time if you choose free suspension, this is also included in your maximum 6 weeks suspension per year if you choose this option). Or you can continue to be debited during this time and the entire family can access the pool free of charge on any day for this period, plus each child enrolled receives 1 week free of holiday intensive lessons ( A 5 consecutive day program of 1 x 30 minute lesson per day); with this option you can use your maximum 6 weeks suspension at any other time throughout the year.

Q. What if my child is sick and cannot attend lessons?

A. If your child is sick we do not encourage you to attend lessons. If you can provide us with a medical certificate we will organise a Family Pool Pass. If your child has an ongoing medical condition and will not be able to attend lessons for a long period of time other options are available, in this case please email the details to management.

Q. What if we cannot make a lesson for a non-medical reason?

A. If you are able to call us or email us before your scheduled lesson day to notify us of non-attendance we may be able to organise a Family Pool Pass for you. If you are a no show with no notice then we encourage you to use the facility on another day to practise your swimming.

Q. How much notice do I need to give if I am cancelling my membership and are there any associated costs?

A. We require 30 days written notice for any cancellations. You must come into the centre to fill in a cancellation form. The cancellation forms are available for request at reception. There are no associated costs for cancellation. If your cancellation is due to a medical emergency or of a similar nature, please contact management with the details to discuss your options.

Q. Do you run lessons on a public holiday?

A. No, there are no lessons on any public holidays and all accounts are suspended free of charge if your lesson day falls on a public holiday.